Food Grade Dry Air & Liquid Pump Emergency Trailer

 2013 5x8 Southern Cargo Enclosed Trailer
Gross weight 2,640 lbs
(2) Rotary vane compressors (on timers) - Electric motor power
(1) 2" Stainless Steel liquid pump - Electric motor power
Food Grade inlet filters and high pressure moisture filter
40' Food Grade airline - 1 1/2" in diameter with quick connect fittings
The pump is removable with a lift and has heavy duty casters for mobility.  

All the electric motors are wired for 208v 3phase power, but can be changed to 460v with a few minor parts, wiring changes and an electrician on-site.  Must be approved before changes are made. The compressors are setup on a timer to prevent overheating of either unit. They will auto shut off and on, based on the timer, but no hoses need to be removed or swapped. 

If no power is available, contact your local equipment rental vendor for a generator or welder/generator that will power 208v 3phase.  

$200 per day
$1,000 per week
$2,000 per month